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Fanuc Focas (FANUC Open CNC API Specifications)

If you've just Googled "Fanuc FOCAS", then you need to look at FactoryWiz. We have FOCAS for all makes of CNC Controls (Siemens, Mazak, Heidenhain, MTConnect etc).

What is Fanuc FOCAS?

Fanuc FOCAS is a set of library files (dll), that when embedded inside a Visual Studio application, can access almost all of the information inside of the CNC. The Fanuc FOCAS libraries access the CNC using either Ethernet or HSSB.

If you would like training or support with Fanuc Focas, please contact us.

What Data is available?

As it states above, Fanuc FOCAS can pull out 99.9% of the information stored inside of the CNC, here is a shortened list of the data available:

  • CNC Status (Running, Idle, Alarm)
  • Parts Count Information
  • Program Details (Name, number, size, date modified)
  • Program I/O (Upload and Download programs)
  • Positional Data
  • Tool and Work Offsets
  • Alarm Number and Text
  • PMC Data
  • Feed Overrides
  • Modal Data
  • Parameters

This is a very brief overview of what is available. For the full list available click here.

Does my Fanuc CNC have FOCAS?

As of the Fanuc 18i-B series all Fanuc CNC's come with an ethernet port as standard. Older controls can either have an embedded board retrofitted or if available, Fanuc FOCAS can use the Data Server board. The CNC will require the FOCAS option to be turned on by Fanuc.

Here is a brief idea of what's available as standard on what Fanuc model:

Uncommon Possible As Standard
0i-B 16i-A 16i-B
16-A/B/C 18i-A 18i-B
18-A/B/C 21i-B 3xi-A
  0i-C 3xi-B

How can i check to see if i Fanuc FOCAS?

In order to see if you have Fanuc FOCAS available on your CNC, is to first check if you have Ethernet. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Press the [SYSTEM] hard key.
  2. Press [>] approximately 5 times until you see "ETHPRM"
  3. Press {ETHPRM} soft key, followed by {OPRT}
  4. This will display the ethernet connections available.
  5. Select a connection (normally EMBEDD or BOARD)
  6. Press the [DOWN] hard key. (page 2)
  7. This should display FOCAS / ETHERNET

If those steps took you too the Ethernet page and/or FOCAS page, then great, your good to go.