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FactoryWiz DNC

Advanced DNC Solutions

What is FactoryWiz DNC Software?

  • Upload and download CNC Programs.
  • Can work with old RS232 machines through to new ethernet machines.
  • Can be wired or a wireless connection to the machine.
  • Program revision control (never overwrite an old program).
  • Only send approved programs.
  • Receive programs back to a different location for verification.
  • Compare CNC programs: Sent vs Received.
  • Request programs from the CNC control (no need for a PC on the shop floor).
  • ISO standard and aerospace accreditation compliant.
  • Very popular with leading aerospace companies.
  • Very easy to use (see the videos for yourself)

In a bit more detail.

FactoryWiz DNC is a new DNC system designed from the ground up to be simple, modern, and touch-accessible on the latest Windows 7 and 8 devices.

Users will appreciate the streamlined interface perfect for tablets or kiosks, while IT managers will appreciate improvements designed to eliminate certain security vulnerabilities and help control machine and file access. FactoryWiz clears the way to significantly reduced operator training time with an original architecture designed around ease of use.

Building upon past DNC innovations, FactoryWiz DNC brings a host of new capabilities as well.

  • All of your favorite traditional DNC features carry over. Multiple simultaneous file transfers, drip-feed capability, mid-program restart, remote requests, Mazatrol transfers, and more.
  • Additional support for Ethernet machines means you can use FactoryWiz DNC to transfer to machines acting as FTP Clients, FTP Servers, or Microsoft SMB servers.
  • Installs as a Windows service to start automatically without user login. Fully compatible with all current 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows – server and desktop. Both clients and servers are fully compatible with User Account Control, all common antivirus programs, and most firewall applications.

Lite “web client” stations can be deployed on the vast majority of operating systems with a web browser. At the same time, mobile device access makes file requests easy and immediate using the Smartphone in your pocket. Additionally, customizable notifications utilize your email system to keep you on top of program revisions. Also, the new FactoryWiz DNC system includes the same powerful API capabilities of FactoryWiz Monitoring, thus allowing the easiest expansion scenario for upgrading to a fully integrated machine/event monitoring system.