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Niall Aberdeen - Teescraft Engineering - Bishop Auckland
CNC Monitoring and DNC Software

CNC applications have been closely involved in the installation, commisioning and development of CNC performance monitoring software, within our business. Their knowledge,expertise and support, has been invaluable throughout this process.
Added: 2014-06-27

Tony Ironmonger - Ewart Chain - Derby
Basic Lathe Programming Training

I was totally satisfied with the Engineer who came to our company to teach people with minimum education merits to do CNC programming. This I feel was down to the approach and patience of the course engineer. He gave them self belief that they could achieve the goal of basic programming skills, this now means for our company, I have 5 new people that can programme new parts in to our production line, where previously our company was at risk by having only one individual who could do this, should that person be off on holiday or sick, we were exposed, by having no others trained up.
Added: 2014-06-27

Jason Perry - Symmetry Medical - Cork, Ireland
Macro B Engraving Cycles and Bespoke Barcode Software

I first met Ben when we were working on a plastics machining project which was off to an unsettled start. Ben came onto the project and it was up and running very soon after. As well as assisting in the actual machining application, he could also assist in selecting the right barcode scanning software (which we have implemented) and is giving us the guidance we need on setting up the DNC and monitoring systems that suits our company (and are in the next budget). New project? Got a problem? Need a system? Give them a call!!!
Added: 2014-06-26

Mark Thomas - WB Thre Creative Jewellery Group Ltd
Macro Programming

We have found CNC Applications Ltd to be a truly exceptional support company. Faced with several technical problems they were very fast to respond to our initial enquiries, which rapidly resulted in a solution being found. We have subsequently enlisted their support for additional projects....thoroughly recommended, if nothing more than for their ability to communicate and deliver the goods.
Added: 2014-12-16

Edward Hunter-Dodds - HD Precision Engineering Ltd

As a small company, to stay competitive we had to invest in CAD-CAM to speed up our design/manufacture of parts. We researched the market and found the majority of systems were both expensive and complex to use, price was a big factor. On using BobCAD-CAM and with having much experience with other CAD-CAM systems I quickly got to grips and was producing complex parts within a week, we are now machining 3D parts. Even 2 Axis programming with BobCAD-CAM made turn around on jobs so much quicker. We feel that using BobCAD-CAM we can now compete with the rest off them.
Added: 2015-04-14

Ross Milne - RAM Engineering & Tooling Ltd
General CNC Support

CNC Applications give me the worry free solution with their services. The knowledge of all aspects of the CNC support services that they offer, combined with the machining and IT backgrounds means that I am always comfortable that they will complete the job and nail the solution first time every time. A great set-up!
Added: 2016-06-23

Colin Sherriffs - Matrix International
Siemens 840D DNC Setup

The engineer that came on site to set up our GX600 VMC for the DNC Link. Was punctual very pleasant and extremely knowledgably, spent time explaining what he had done. He also made sure the operators new how to access the programs via the DNC Link before he left.
Added: 2016-06-28

Steve Barson - Burley
Siemens 802D Programming Training

Very easy to understand and logical training, from a starting point of having no knowledge at all, after three days even a luddite like me can write a program.
Added: 2016-08-16

Jim Lyon - Tyco Fire Products
FactoryWiz on high volume production

An excellent system professionally installed with a good after service focus. Can recommend "FactoryWiz" as an outstanding software package in delivering real time data analysis and monitoring.
Added: 2017-11-17




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